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05/12/2070 06:59

Elevator Crash - Act Of Revenge?

Inside Scoop [ABS] NEW YORK, UCAS: Shocking new claims indicate that last week's 39-story elevator crash in a Midtown office building might have been a cruel act of revenge by a spurned lover. A grief-stricken Giaccomo Mileno, 23, turned himself over to authorities yesterday, claiming to have...
05/05/2070 23:44

The Times Publishes Interrogation Transcripts. Accident or Sabotage?

The New Economist LONDON, UK: The publication of aparently highly-confidential interrogation transcripts is the latest mishap in a series of leaks from within the Lord Protector Office's Oversight Board (OB) responsible for British national security. The transcripts follow, in graphic detail,...
04/29/2070 16:28

Warezhouse 24!

For all your hacking/programming needs! We rip, burn, mod and tweak all the best programs, then sell them to you, the loyal customer, free of spyware, spam, and corporate bullshit! What have we got? What DON'T we have!? What we ain't got, you don't want! Send a request and we'll program it from...
04/29/2070 11:35


Subject: Bridgette "Joy" Cliffport. Female, Elf Banshee, Age 32. Background: Bridgette Cliffport was born in Dublin, Tir Na Nog, to parrents Harper and Lyssa, prominent members of the insular "Wheel" society of mages. Not, herself, Awakened, Bridgette suffered from a great deal of...
04/29/2070 11:34


Subject: Ryan "Raven" Dakota. Male, Human Vampire, Age 26. Background: Born in the turbulent 40s, Ryan was the children of two middle-class hotel owners (The Southern Raven) in New Orleans in the CAS. Dissatisfied with his life and amid the decadent, crime-laden surroundings that the old city...
04/29/2070 11:33


Subject: Braithwait, Samatha "Jade". Female, Elf, Age 26 (Deceased as of 2062). Background: Samantha was born as the sole scion of Jermain and Edgar Braithwait of Tir Tairngire. Awakened, she attended Sigluthiel Tutorship University's College of Thaumaturgical Studies. Her early records indicate...
04/29/2070 10:56

Villains' Crew

Villains is less a runner crew as it is a small, loose organization offering independent services of an unsavory nature.   Members Andrew Auric "Doc Gold": Leader. A street doc and card sharp. Very shrewd negotiator. If he didn't deliver on his promises, he'd be a dead man by now. Zal and...
04/29/2070 10:53

The Octagon

A smuggling crew that works the route from New Orleans to Seattle, via Cascade Ork. Good reputation for quality, and will always make up the difference of lost cargo.   Members Heeley: Breetva: Old Man: Night-Strike: Red-Snake:   Services Transport: The Octagon is experienced and...
04/29/2070 10:49

HK Evac

需要运输为三出于香港。 将支付上面cred安静地任何地方去新没有被问的问题。 通过anonymizer与“起重机联系”以提议。 运输必须容纳恢复从手术的某人。 Online Translator... Need transport for three out of Hong Kong. Will pay top cred to go anywhere new quietly with no questions asked. Contact "Crane" through the anonymizer with offers. Transport must accommodate...
04/28/2070 16:43

The Graveyard

The Graveyard The shadows are a dangerous place. Unners run afoul of the syndicates, the coprps, and each other. Without a SIN, most will go undocumented, so we do our best to hold them in memoriam.

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