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03/02/2070 19:51

KSAF QuickLink

The Corporate Court has indited the board of A-rated Mikrolens corp on multiple espionage violations. Mikrolens officials blame a disgruntled employee for publicity revealing internal documents, despite being unable to produce a datatrail or proof to back up hacking charges.
02/21/2070 03:23

Saturday Jones

Saturday Jones Real Name: Amanda Blane-Jones Date of Birth: Feb 15, 2048 Birthplace: New York, UCAS Nationality: Caucasian Metatype: Human Gender: Female Current Residence: Operating Seattle, operations in surrounding     territories Height: 1.7m Weight: 60 kg Hair: Brown Eyes:...
02/18/2070 16:49

New Fixer Building Stable

I'm new in town and looking for a start-up group of runners who need some representation. I won't ask you to be exclusive, but I'll guarantee my trustworthiness based on my rep. Also available to fence gear and help on runs for a fair share of the take. Interested parties can contact me through the...
02/18/2070 16:29


Real Name: Louise Emmerson Date of Birth: Febuary 14, 2053 Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS Nationality: Half caucasian, half Salish Indian Metatype: Human Gender: Female Current Residence: Apartments in the Redmond Barrens, Seattle Height: 1.6m Weight: 53.5 kg Hair: Black Eyes: Brown...
02/18/2070 16:11


Mac   Real Name: John Makenzie Date of Birth: September 20, 2040 Birthplace: Washington DC, UCAS Nationality: Caucasian American Metatype: Human Gender: Male Current Residence: Seattle Height: 2.1m Weight: 80.2 kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel (Cyber, can be changed) Distinguishing Physical...
02/10/2070 12:17

KSAF QuickLink

Lone Star is denying the use of excessive force while arresting two ork men in Bellivue. Privately-taped footage shows the police officers kicking the men into unconsciousness after they were tased and cuffed: the officers claim they acted in self-defense and that the men resisted arrest. Both men...
02/09/2070 16:35


Axiom is the alias of an identity forger or team of them. Arranging Matrix-only meetings, Axiom seems to have access to government databases and registries, resulting in some of the most thorough fake SINs in the UCAS. Axiom seems to focus primarily on Seattle-based criminals, and is capable of...
02/01/2070 22:09

Hot Tip

I've got a lead on a drop some shady characters made. Looks like an emergency stash for someone ready to rock. Want the location and the means to get it? Drop me a line with the code "Drop$," and we'll work out a deal.
02/01/2070 20:39

ACHE Extraction

Does anybody know a reliable way into the ACHE? I need a person retrieved fast, dead or alive-no questions asked. Also need an item extracted. Must be done no later than two days from posting. Contact with "ACHE Extract."
02/01/2070 20:37

Open Hacking Job

I represent an employer who will pay big nuyen to anybody who can crack the Crash Memorial and deliver to him whatever they find inside. Contact me with "Crash Memorial" and I'll give you details.

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