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02/01/2070 20:33

Armor Sale

Come to Tusk and mention ShadowSea sent you and he'll set you up with 20% off a full set of slightly used body armor. He's got an overstock and he's looking to move some of it. First come, first served, so hurry! Contact with "Tusk Armor".
02/01/2070 20:30

Dante Offer

Need to access the lower levels of Dante's Inferno but don't have the cred or the cool? Shoot me a message - I've got something on old Alessio that'll get you right in. It'll cost you, but if you need to get in bad enough, it's worth it. Contact me with the code "Valentina."
02/01/2070 17:54

Club Penumbra

Penumbra is a club that won't admit the passage of time - it still features the same Lunar surface flooring and outdated trid system that it has for over thirty years, now. Once one of the hottest nightspots in town, it lost a lot of clientele when the Renraku Arcology next door imploded, and again...
02/01/2070 17:44


I've got a package that I need delivered to one of the girls at Olga's, and she'll give you something to bring back to me in return. Drop a message to the Admin Filter titled "Dixie".
02/01/2070 09:59

KSAF QuickLink

JetBlack sighted again in Seattle. Creepy angst-rockers never die, they just need less make-up.
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