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04/27/2062 10:25


Subject: Zany. Female, Human Ghoul, Age 16, extensive bio and cyber-modifications. Background: Born to wealthy parrents under the name Samantha Holiwell, Zany learned at a young age to rebel from her corporate babysitters. One day she decided to take her rebelion to the next logical step and...
04/27/2062 10:24


Subject: Veronica Erika aka Peach. Female Human Vampire, age 24, Awakened (Manifestations in mind control spell work, Hermetic) Background: Official background has been lost since the Crash of '64. Sources are drawn from first-hand accounts. Earliest results for Peach's background show her as being...
04/27/2062 10:21


Subject:  Finnegan, Brendon "Blue". Male, Fomori Troll, Age 29 (Deceased 2061). Background: Born into the tulmultous times of the early Awakening, Brendon Finnegan had a string of unusual occurances set the stage for a life less ordinary. As a scion of the Finnegan Family during the early...
04/27/2062 10:20


Subject: Bridgette "Joy" Cliffport. Female, Elf Banshee, Age 32. Background: Bridgette Cliffport was born in Dublin, Tir Na Nog, to parrents Harper and Lyssa, prominent members of the insular "Wheel" society of mages. Not, herself, Awakened, Bridgette suffered from a great deal of...
04/27/2062 10:18


Subject: Ryan "Raven" Dakota. Male, Human Vampire, Age 26. Background: Born in the turbulent 40s, Ryan was the children of two middle-class hotel owners (The Southern Raven) in New Orleans in the CAS. Dissatisfied with his life and amid the decadent, crime-laden surroundings that the old city...
04/27/2062 10:17


Subject: Braithwait, Samatha "Jade". Female, Elf, Age 26 (Deceased as of 2062). Background: Samantha was born as the sole scion of Jermain and Edgar Braithwait of Tir Tairngire. Awakened, she attended Sigluthiel University's College of Thaumaturgical Studies. Her early records indicate she was...
02/18/2009 15:32

Feb, Saturday the 21'st

My place, the usual. The first run! Introducing at least one new player, and at least one new observer! Bring snacks if you are so inclined, and have fun!
02/18/2009 12:54

Underworld 93

A converted concrete warehouse in downtown Puyallup, Underworld 93 still retains its crown as the place to hear the top musical acts in the Seattle 'plex. Anybody who's anybody has played the 93 on their tour through the area. Even though many shadowrunners likie to use the club as a place to...
01/13/2009 21:58

Saturday 24

Preliminary session. Any players who can make it are welcome, anyone who wants to observe is welcome to come and see what kind of oddness we get up to (often including food and booze, depending.)   Everyone is welcome to bring whatever food, drink or anything they like. These kinds of affairs...

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