07/30/2070 23:59


Ripsaw Real Name: George Lipski Date of Birth: April 1, 2042 Birthplace: San Francisco, CFS Nationality: Black American Metatype: Hobgoblin Ork Gender: Male Current Residence: Seattle Height: 1.7m Weight: 80 kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Distinguishing Physical Features: Orthoskin, multiple...
07/07/2062 19:47


Thrall Real Name: Yuri Maximov Date of Birth: October 2, 2050 Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS Nationality: Caucasian American Metatype: Human Ghoul Gender: Male Height: 2.2 m Weight: 86.5 kg Hair: None Eyes: White cataracts (Cybereyes) Distinguishing Physical Features: Ghoul Ork, datajacks Psychology:...
04/28/2062 16:47


Subject: Veronica Erika aka Peach. Female Human Vampire, age 24, Awakened (Manifestations in mind control spell work, Hermetic) Background: Official background has been lost since the Crash of '64. Sources are drawn from first-hand accounts. Earliest results for Peach's background show her as being...
04/28/2062 16:47


Subject:  Finnegan, Brendon "Blue". Male, Fomori Troll, Age 29 (Deceased 2061). Background: Born into the tulmultous times of the early Awakening, Brendon Finnegan had a string of unusual occurances set the stage for a life less ordinary. As a scion of the Finnegan Family during the early...
04/28/2062 16:46


Subject: Zany. Female, Human Ghoul, Age 16, extensive bio and cyber-modifications. Background: Born to wealthy parrents under the name Samantha Holiwell, Zany learned at a young age to rebel from her corporate babysitters. One day she decided to take her rebelion to the next logical step and...