Real World News

04/27/2070 09:00

High Demand For AIPS Awareness Seminar

New Seattle Intelligencer [NN] SEATTLE, UCAS: Responding to growing demand from the families of those affected with Artificially Induced Psychotropic Schitzophrenia (AIPS), the Washington University of Seattle will be offering an AIPS Awareness Seminar again this year. "Since last years seminar,...
03/23/2070 14:32

NeoNET Expands Wifi R&D

Associated Press CAERLEON, Scotland: NeoNET's director of R&D, the great dragon Celedyr, announced plans to expand NeoNET's "wireless communication technologies sector" as a strategic goal towards securing the corporation's pole position in the burgeoning field of wifi consumer...
03/13/2070 11:42

Student Expelled For Matrix Pranks

The Times-Picayune BATON ROUGE, CAS: Serial prankster twelve-year-old Lou Henry MOrgan was expelled from Broadmoor Middle Schoolearlier this week following repeated interferrence with the school's AR devices and equipment. The teachers colloquium announced their decision after a closed-door...
03/02/2070 19:51

KSAF QuickLink

The Corporate Court has indited the board of A-rated Mikrolens corp on multiple espionage violations. Mikrolens officials blame a disgruntled employee for publicity revealing internal documents, despite being unable to produce a datatrail or proof to back up hacking charges.
02/10/2070 12:17

KSAF QuickLink

Lone Star is denying the use of excessive force while arresting two ork men in Bellivue. Privately-taped footage shows the police officers kicking the men into unconsciousness after they were tased and cuffed: the officers claim they acted in self-defense and that the men resisted arrest. Both men...
02/01/2070 09:59

KSAF QuickLink

JetBlack sighted again in Seattle. Creepy angst-rockers never die, they just need less make-up.
01/15/2070 08:10

KSAF QuickLink

Salish-Shidhe authorities found an abandoned boat adrift in the Sound containing the corpses of 32 Russian and Veitnamese women who died of thirst while locked in the hold. Authorities believe the women were being smuggled into Seattle to serve in prostitution rings.

Welcome to ShadowSea Beta

If you're here, it means you were invited, or you broke through our ICE. Either way, congrats. Welcome to ShadowSea. Here, you tell us what you want to know, and we'll hunt it down for you! We also offer individual runner teams secure nodes to coordinate their work and contacts, and hopefully network out to the people they need to meet in this biz.


So, once again, welcome to ShadowSea! Let us know what we can do to make the shadows a safer place.

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08/21/2070 12:13


We've been doing our best to streamline the site, adding sub-pages and better navigation. The Posting Board now has a dedicated Job Bank online for those of you who want to post runs direct. The primary posting board is now for sales, intel, and the like. If you've got a job posting, take it to the...
01/13/2070 21:59

Visitors Notice

Jack-In-The-Box ICE is up and running, and has commlink kills to it's credit as of an hour ago. To the gentlemen and/or ladies of Yakashima who thought it was neccessary to break in, better luck next time! Let them be an example to the rest of you to behave.
01/13/2070 21:58

JPB Launch!

Sorry for the delays, everyone! We've got all the kinks ironed out (we think), and are ready to move out of Beta (yes, yes, we could have thought up a better name)   If anyone spot any bugs, let us know!

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ShadowSea offers a Wiki for any information on Seattle, be it the aboveboard touristy stuff an out-of-towner needs to know, to the kind of shadowlore you really came here for. Feel free to add to it, or let us know what we can do to improve it!


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