06/27/2070 02:27


See Prime Runners   Background: Tango doesn't talk much about his past, and has taken measures to ensure any details that could lead back to his family (if he has any) have been erased. What is known is that he had an older brother who ran the shadows who died due to faulty cyberware. When he...
04/29/2070 11:35


Subject: Bridgette "Joy" Cliffport. Female, Elf Banshee, Age 32. Background: Bridgette Cliffport was born in Dublin, Tir Na Nog, to parrents Harper and Lyssa, prominent members of the insular "Wheel" society of mages. Not, herself, Awakened, Bridgette suffered from a great deal of...
04/29/2070 11:34


Subject: Ryan "Raven" Dakota. Male, Human Vampire, Age 26. Background: Born in the turbulent 40s, Ryan was the children of two middle-class hotel owners (The Southern Raven) in New Orleans in the CAS. Dissatisfied with his life and amid the decadent, crime-laden surroundings that the old city...
04/29/2070 11:33


Subject: Braithwait, Samatha "Jade". Female, Elf, Age 26 (Deceased as of 2062). Background: Samantha was born as the sole scion of Jermain and Edgar Braithwait of Tir Tairngire. Awakened, she attended Sigluthiel Tutorship University's College of Thaumaturgical Studies. Her early records indicate...
01/12/2070 23:52

Mr. Monday

Little is known about the assassin called Mr Monday. He is either highly augmented or possesses powerful Awakened abilities, as Monday has proven impossible to kill. At different times he has taken on different guises, from a skinny human tweaker with a sniper rifle to an attractive redheaded...
07/12/2066 20:17

Vikram Tong

Vikram Tong   Subject: Vikram Tong. Male, Human, Age 48. Background: Born Awakened to an Indian Gypsy witch of the Old Ways and a Chinese sarariman, Vikram was always a pariah of both his heritages. Abandoned by his mother, he was left to be raised by his father, a weak man who mostly ignored...