Two millenia ago, the proverb said that "all roads lead to Rome." Not only was it largely true, but along those roads Roman trade, culture, science, and military might spread across the known world. Today, all roads lead to Neo-Tokyo. Nearly every nation in the world trades in the nuyen, which helps ease the transport of Japanese-made goods from one end of the Earth from the other. Japanese culture leads everywhere, from the Zen-inspired board room to the slang on the streets of the Barrens. It's no surprise that Japanese linguasofts outsell all others. Breakthroughs in the fields of cybertechnology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and computing are often born in Neo-Tokyo labs. Japanese Imperial soldiers are stationed at bases all over the planet, and Japanese spy satellites circle above it. Japan dominates the Sixth World stage, and Neo-Tokyo sits at it's center.

Hot Spots

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