Arcology Vigil Ends In Chaos

06/04/2070 04:35

Prime News [Horizon Group]

SEATTLE, UCAS: A peaceful demonstration promoted by the Arcology Remembrance Committee (ARC) outside the ACHE in downtown Seattle last night ended in chaos and confusion. The ARC has been campaigning for compensation to the families of those vanished during the infamous Renraku Arcology shutdown and promoted the vigil to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the liberation of the arcology. Lone Star was called in following a highly emotional speech after which one of the protesters suffered a "psychotic episode" and attacked her companions. The woman and former arcology resident, a troll later identified as Ms. Martina O'Brian, unexpectedly lashed out at her companions. "She kept screaming like she was being attacked," said one eyewitness. "She was also yelling that she wasn't in control." Ms. O'Brian proved especially hard to restrain and capture thanks to a number of cybernetic augmentations she recieved as the subject of experimentation in the arcology. Several ARC members and onlookers claim that their commlinks suffered simultaneous hacking attempts during the incident and mention hearing intangible voices. Lone Star spokesperson Lt. Lauren J. Hamilton later indicated that no thaumaturgic forensic evidence of possession was found and that Ms. O'Brian was delusional.

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