02/09/2070 16:35

Axiom is the alias of an identity forger or team of them. Arranging Matrix-only meetings, Axiom seems to have access to government databases and registries, resulting in some of the most thorough fake SINs in the UCAS. Axiom seems to focus primarily on Seattle-based criminals, and is capable of linking related permits and waivers to the SINs for sale.


At a rating system of 1-6, from a casual entry into UCAS government systems to thorough backgrounds and registries, Axiom offers SINs at a thousand nuyen per rating level. Axiom also offers linked permits with a similar rating system, at 100 nuyen per rating level.


Axiom has been known to offer discounts on services for burnt SINs, the SINs of unregistered dead citizens, and occasional hacking work.

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