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Real Name: John Makenzie

Date of Birth: September 20, 2040

Birthplace: Washington DC, UCAS

Nationality: Caucasian American

Metatype: Human

Gender: Male

Current Residence: Seattle

Height: 2.1m

Weight: 80.2 kg

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel (Cyber, can be changed)

Distinguishing Physical Features: Physically fit, tends towards relaxed milspec wear.

Psychology: Goal-oriented, professional. Understands the use and consequence

    of violence, and aims for lowest collateral damage possible.

Traits: Cybernetically augmented.

Motivations: Wealth, freedom to utilize his skills for what he considers the betterment

    of society.

Lifestyle: Usually Medium, with a few Low safehouses.


   There are few Samurai on the streets with a reputation as solid as Mac's. A vetran of the UCAS White Lion Special Forces unit, Mac is as tough as they come. Fortunately for everyone, he is extremely stable and controlled.

    The son of a former United State Army General, Mac was raised as a military brat. His father remained with UCAS following the CAS secession and eventually retired as a two-star general. Mac inteded to follow in his father's footsteps, but a personality clash with a ranking officer while on a confidential mission forced him to leave the service. He remains in close contact with elements of the UCAS military and occasionally performs special shadow ops for them.

Hire Notes:

    Mac is a soldier and a professional, and lives by the code his father raised him to obey. He only undertakes ops that fall in line with this code. Should he find the op to be something other than what it was offered to be, he drops the job on the spot. Otherwise, he is relentless, utilizing all his training and experience to expedite the objective as quickly, cleanly and effeciently as possible. He falls into leadership roles easily, and can offer both tactical knowhow and a startling array of cybernetic and weapon-oriented skill. When possible, he avoids violence in favor of intimidation. He always aims for a zero body count. Well-equipped and always in the market for UCAS milspec gear, which he may accept in lieu of payment.

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