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Real Name: Alejandro Marquez

Date of Birth: January 12, 2048

Birthplace: San Francisco, CFS (Aztechnology-owned enclave)

Nationality: Aztec-Japanese

Metatype: Elf

Gender: Male

Current Residence: Seattle

Height: 1.9m

Weight: 78 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Distinguishing Physical Features: Mole on left cheek

Psychology: Quiet, professional, mild alchoholism

Traits: Broad skill set, works with legal, common gear,

    occasionally modified. Wide street contacts.

Motivations: Wealth, assaults on Aztechnology assets.

Lifestyle: Low, with occasional Medium. Saves money to send

    to the family in Denver.


    Born to human parrents in an Aztechnology corporate haven, Alejandro suffered from discrimination on multiple fronts. He threw himself into his father's work, zoning and developing local concerns for the company. When General Saito's invasion threw San Francisco into chaos, his family was caught in the crossfire. Aztechnology, interestingly enough, only provided effort towards protecting it's "vital assets", leaving Alejandro's family at the mercy of the riots. His father was left hospitalized, both parrents left penniless and jobless, moving back in with the family in southern Denver. Growing up with the gangs and smugglers of the Treaty City, he took any job that let him strike back at the corporation that betrayed his family. He learned the tricks of the shadow trade working on smuggler crews, offering up his own expertiese to build reliable smuggler layovers and hideaways. He's ended up in Seattle looking for some steady work, deciding it's time to make some real money and focus on one corporate target at a time. With so many runs against Aztechnology available, Budro is finding plenty of work.

Hire Notes:

    Budro is an expert in structural hits and remaining off the radar. His gear needs are minimal, and while he prefers to let others do the negotiations, he is no fool. Not advisable for tailchasers or suicide runs: he has a long list of friends and contacts, an uncanny knack for survival, and a vengeance streak a kilometer long.

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