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Real Name: Yuri Maximov

Date of Birth: October 2, 2050

Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS

Nationality: Caucasian American

Metatype: Human Ghoul

Gender: Male

Height: 2.2 m

Weight: 86.5 kg

Hair: None

Eyes: White cataracts (Cybereyes)

Distinguishing Physical Features: Ghoul Ork, datajacks

Psychology: Extreme deviant, impulsive sociopathic behavior.

Traits: Combat Hacker/Security Spider, Infected with HMHVV III

Motivations: Destruction of property, establishment of powerbases,


Lifestyle: Highly fortified middle


    Born Infected, Thrall grew up detatched from normal society, instead chipping BTL-level neo-noirs. Learning how to work with scavenged hardware, he become quite competent as a hardware and software specialist. His additional need to hunt down living humans honed the skills that would eventualy make him one of the darkest combat hackers to walk the streets of Seattle in the 50s through 60s. He became known for rapacious violence and a love of bloodshed. Runners feared he would eat them if they failed a run.

    Thrall made the transition into shadow work through the startup fixer Ralphy, who provided him with jobs involving on-site hacking. He turned the money towards his own comfort, going so far as to purchase a condo at the Cobalt Street Apartments, which he then modified into a deadly lair. His constant companion was a ghoul ganger named Zany, who he infected himself and had cybernetically modified to look human.

    Thrall was last seen after the Cobalt Street Apartments Massacre, loading Zany's body into a cab he jacked on the street. He sent a broadband transmission right before driving the cab off the Seattle peier: "I love you, Zany. I always will."

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