07/07/2070 20:21


Real Name: Unknown

Date of Birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Nationality: Caucasian

Metatype: Ork (Ghoul)

Gender: Male

Current Residence: Unknown, seen in Seattle

Height: 2.2m

Weight: 98.5 kg

Hair: None

Eyes: White cataracts, cyber mods.

Distinguishing Physical Features: Enhanced tusks, datajacks

Psychology: Extreme sociopathic behavior. Seeks to spread HMHVV III

Traits: Combat hacker, extensive cyber modification.

Motivations: Unknown

Lifestyle: Unknown



Hire Notes:

    Chekov is making inroads into the shadows of Seattle very quickly. He has a penchant for 20'th century movie quotes as battle cries, and seems to be participating in several online Matrix games. Efforts to track him through them have proven fruitless. He accepts payment in straight nuyen, but can be persuaded to accept bodies, cyberware, and access to datahavens in lieu.

    His combat style is brutal, often employing a shotgun. He rarely leaves prisoners, and when he does, it is generally with an infected bite. His preferred mode of tranportation is carjacking, and he enjoys setting up extensive defensive systems for any safehouse he establishes, often populated with his favorite ghoul spawn.

    There is a considerable bounty on his head from an unnamed party. No one has collected yet.

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