06/29/2070 12:24

Clover is an elven team of former Tir na Nog operatives who took to the shadows. Each was a survivor of seperate suicide ops for the govenment, and when they were put together for another run, they abandoned the job when it turned into another one. Their trademark is luck, and they tend to leave a calling card, such as a familiar four leaf clover AR tag.



Alasdair "Luck-E", team hacker and op overwatch. A competent forger, he excels at tactical coordination.

Vela "PG", Face/Bio-Sam. Vela has extensive contacts with the Ancients, and handles both muscle and negotiation for the team.

James "Chance", Wheel tradition mage. James trained in the Warrior tradition of Tir Magic, and specializes in augment spells and spirits.

Bella "Odds", drone rigger. Bella works with Alasdair to provide drone support and vehicle insertion and extraction.



 Clover works like any other runner team, specializing in extractions and data steals. Their contacts with the Ancients and in the Tir governments gives them access to excellent gear, good backup options, and ready means to dissappear when they need to.

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