Club Penumbra

02/01/2070 17:54

Penumbra is a club that won't admit the passage of time - it still features the same Lunar surface flooring and outdated trid system that it has for over thirty years, now. Once one of the hottest nightspots in town, it lost a lot of clientele when the Renraku Arcology next door imploded, and again when the Crash shut it down for several months. A lot of old-time runners still haunt the place, however, and it still hasa reputation as a place where the shadow set goes to be seen. In many ways the club has become a living cleche, however, and few people come here to do serious business. That may all change in the future, however, as Penumbra seems to have become a strategic spot in the ongoing chess game between the Finnigan Mafia and the Yakuza downtown. When word went out that the owners might be interested in unloading the place, both syndicates began sniffing around expressing interest. The tension alone may breathe new life into the club, especially if any violence happens to break out.

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