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Real Name: Erin Scott

Date of Birth: December 12, 2038

Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS

Nationality: Amerindian/Japanese

Metatype: Human

Gender: Female

Current Residence: Operating in LA

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 63.5 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue (Cyber)

Distinguishing Physical Features: Pale, atractive, prefers blue clothing and gear.

Psychology: Professional, detatched, trustworthy, taciturn.

Traits: Street samurai, broad skill set

Motivations: Wealth

Lifestyle: Varies, maintains High to Luxurious personal standards.


   Cobalt learned to fight at an early age due to her mixed heritage, often sticking up for herself, her younger brother, and anyone else who needed protection on the playground. Her protective nature followed he as she got older, and, after deciding against a life in law enforcement (too restrictive), she opted to hire out as a freelance bodyguard. Her aquisition of cyberware and continued training have made her an expert and keeping herself and her charges alive. She did quite well for the past few years protecting sim starlet Velvet before her client's career ended due to drug use and the ensuing scandal.

Hire Notes:

    Cobalt is a professional, and expects to be treated as one. Cold, but courteous and fair. An expert at discrete combat, she is also well trained in driving and biotech, and is is peak physical condition. Her cybernetic augmentations are straightforward and only serve to enhance her extant abilities. Expects payment in nuyen, payable by credstick or escro account. Expect her negotiations to be highly effective. While she prefers bodyguard work, she is an excellent addition to any operation. Her reputation is immaculate.

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