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Real Name: Rick Lang

Date of Birth: October 20, 1983

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Nationality: Caucasian American

Metatype: Elf

Gender: Male

Current Residence: Operating in London and Seattle

Height: 2m

Weight: 63.5 kg

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue (Changes to red in times of stress, feeding, or magic use)

Distinguishing Physical Features: Pale, mole on right cheek.

Psychology: Gregarious, suffers from phobia of situations where drowing

    is a possibility, triggering flashbacks

Traits: Awakened Mystic Adept, Infected with HMHVV I, utilizes unorthodox tactics

Motivations: Wealth, power, knowledge, security, protection of extant

    family, destruction of magical threats

Lifestyle: Varies, often permanently leases coffin motel cells as safehouses,

    maintains High to Luxurious personal standards.


    One of the rare elf spike babies born before the Awakening, Rick ran afoul of a coven of pre-Awakening vampires using blood sacrifice to create background count to enable their abilities. His own death attempting to prevent these sacrifices resulted in his Infected body being dumped in the Chicago River, where it was dredged up by salvage trawlers in 2058. There he connected with surviving ghouls who showed him how to survive. Two years later he made his way to Seattle to start his career as a shadowrunner, specializing in combating magical threats with the experience garnered fighting residual insect spirits and hostile Infected.

    In Seattle he made a name for himself as Red, running a sideline business as a fence and minor player in the go-gang scene, financing the Royal Reapers in the Redmond Barrens. He participated in the extermination of two burgeoning insect hives, captured three toxic shamans for the Draco Foundation bounty, and made several runs to rescue civilians during the Renraku Arcology Shutdown. During this time he lost his long-time running partner and lover Gypsi, resulting in a decision to retire from the shadows. He opened a dummy corporation, Vryce Ltd, to support his new career as a fixer, Johnson and Awakened consultant.

    A plea from his ghoul friend in Chicago brought him out of retirement in 2064, when he purchased several crates of KE-9 bugjuice and repossessed AK-97s and brought them along with a team of runners to help eliminate a new hive under the Chicago streets. An explosion during a fight against a termite queen knocked him unconscious and threw him into the river once again, where he would remain in suspended animation until November 2070.

    Recently he reemerged in the shadows of Seattle. Upset that Vryce Ltd and many old friend were lost in Crash 2.0, he is eager to reclaim his old fortune.

Hire Notes:

    Is a topline negotiator and conjuror, demanding high fees and often leaving zero residual traces of a run. His running experience is extensive, and while his reputation has had six years to cool, he is likely more than capable of building it back up. Often willing to negotiate alternate forms of payment, notably megacorporate stocks and shares, Infected lore, magical gear and oddities, and networking opportunities. Rarely accepts wetwork and adheres to a code of conduct excluding harmful action against innocents.



Red has restarted his side businesses as a fence and fixer, utilizing his network of contacts and his experience to bring up new runners and negotiate contracts, sometimes acting as overwatch for runs.

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