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Real Name: Angelique Caligosto

Date of Birth: June 6, 2008 (Appears 14)

Birthplace: Boston, UCAS

Nationality: Caucasian

Metatype: Human

Gender: Female

Current Residence: Seattle

Height: 1.5m

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair: Unknown (Changes hair frequently)

Eyes: Unknown (Uses cosmetics. Changes to red in times of stress, feeding, or magic use)

Distinguishing Physical Features: Pale.

Psychology: Seductive, possibly addicted to essence drain, desire to provoke tense

    situations. Possible disorders from infection at a young age.

Traits: Awakened Asatru ganner, Infected with HMHVV I, triggered Changeling mutation.

Motivations: Wealth, power, fun

Lifestyle: Has investments insuring a High lifestyle.


    Born before the Awakening to a wealthy family, Angelique might have had an idyllic life. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving only her father, Victor Caligosto, a prominenet lawyer with a "questionable" clientelle, to raise her alone. His constant workload keeping the mob out of jail meant Angelique was left to her own devices most of the time. It was not until she was caugt in the second wave of VITAS that she took up all of his attention.

    With deaths in the millions and no cure or treatment in sight, Victor used his mob connections to make contact with a vampire, who promised that the HMHVV virus brooked no competition from other illnesses. The vampire, who went by the moniker Dos Regal, agreed to change Angelique in Seattle in exchange for unknown services. On her fourteenth birthday, she was changed forever.

    Angelique had been in an unbelievable ammount of pain from VITAS before, and was kept on painkillers until they no longer worked. Even beforehand she had developed a taste for recreational drugs, suggesting an addictive personality. The process of having her essence drained was unlike any high she had experienced before, and was a sudden shift from the agony she had been experiencing for days. Her transformation had a fundamentally altering effect on her developing personality.

    Still unsure about the mythology surrounding vampirism (this was shortly before the research into HMHVV provided any results), Victor moved his business to Seattle, believing Angelique may have difficulties regarding home soil. The mafia interests made such a move simple, and Victors connections with both organized crime and crooked cops meant supplying Angelique with prey from death row was equally easy. They lived there for twenty years before her father's declining health led her to infect him, as well. She acted as his donor for a time before realizing it was making their relationship more than a bit akward.

    During those twenty years Angelique discovered a dual love of sneaking out and her newly-recognized Awakening. The penthouse could not contain her, and the Seattle nights found her in the clubs, the dorms, the dark drug dens where she could no longer get high, but could enjoy the company of those who do. Her own love of Asatru mythology lead to her own percieved contact from a female form of Loki, prodding her to greater acts of rebellion. Though she has never formally studied Asatru, she demonstrates a proficency in the use of runic-based magic and the summoning of valkyries.

    Hire Notes: EB (titled from a childhood nickname) had a premature Changeling mutation triggered by her infection, making her one of the earliest Changelings in the world. Their development into classical vampire traits (claws, ogre stomach, etc) seems to have gone unremarked, possibly due to the original ignorance concerning infection at the time of change. She also seems to have a preternatural charm, making her very hard to resist in negotiations. Why she has decided to start running the shadows remains unknown, but she has been seen in the company of a few notable runners and low-level fixers, and can be linked to the extermination of the Zeros and Road Spikes go-gangs in Redmond. She's up-and-coming talent, but an unknown quantity. Buyer beware.

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