Elevator Crash - Act Of Revenge?

05/12/2070 06:59

Inside Scoop [ABS]

NEW YORK, UCAS: Shocking new claims indicate that last week's 39-story elevator crash in a Midtown office building might have been a cruel act of revenge by a spurned lover. A grief-stricken Giaccomo Mileno, 23, turned himself over to authorities yesterday, claiming to have caused the elevator to crash. His long-term girlfriend, Elena Bairns, was among the casualties of the apparant accident.

    Eyewitness reports tell of an emotional discussion between the two in the lobby of Mr. Mileno's law firm on the 39'th floor seconds before the accident. According to the same witness, Ms. Bairns broke up with her partner saying, "I don't need you anymore. I'm on to bigger and better things." Lobby surveillance records show a shaken Mileno hitting his fists against the closing elevator doors and cursing Ms. Bairns before collapsing. Witnesses claim Mileno shouted, "Just die why don't you!" seconds before the elevator plummeted 39 floors, killing Ms. Bairns and 3 others. Investigating authorities withheld comment on Mr. Mileno's indictment.

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