Europol Cracks Container Scam

05/30/2070 11:27

Punto Caliente [Sol Media 1]

EUROPORT, UNL: Following weeks of in-depth investigations, Europol today announced the arrest of a criminal group suspected of diverting at least forty-five missing ocean freight containers in the transit through the Dutch megaport. Europol expects to make further arrests once forensic analysis allows them to break the unknown algorithm used to encrypt the files on the group's apprehended computers.

    "The group was surprisingly well-organized, though unaffiliated with major syndicates," said Mr. Finn Tilman of Europort Security. "They modified logistics data directly rather than faking container documentation, making it appear as if the containers had never left their ports of origin. We are also looking into how they remotely re-calibrated the RFID tags and assigned new owners to arrange for a container's pick up from within the restricted port grounds."

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