Gang War Escalates: Fireworks in Redmond

06/17/2070 15:28


SEATTLE, UCAS: The steadily mounting violence between gangs in Seattle has Lone Star and Knight Errant on high alert tonight as the violence reached new heights. Even in forsaken Redmond the police could not turn a blind eye to the literally explosive violence at an abandoned parking garage. The Rusted Stilettos of Glow City infamy and the notorious northside all-dwarf gang the Red Hot Nukes exchanged gunfire around midday, chasing the Stilettos back to the garage before beginning a seige that would last for over an hour. The Nukes made use of their trademark explosives, firing rockets into the structure until it came down on the Stilettos' heads.


Among the dead orks and trolls of the Stilettos were the bodies of Nuranalysis R&D scientists Henry Hubert and Albert Doss. At the time of this printing, it is unknown what they were doing in the building. Nuranalysis has denied any connection to either gang, and expressed ignorance of their intent.


Police presence in Touristville and nearby Renton has increased, with Govenor Strouthers promising to bring both gangs to heel.

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