04/27/2070 10:23

Subject: Lattman, Gizelle. Female, Elf, Age 34. Awakened (Manafestations in analytical abilities, Hermetic)

Background: Born to middle-income parrents in the Safe Zones of Chicago in the UCAS, Gizelle Awakened at puberty, developing her abilities via her insatiable curiosity and the true nature of the world. Her abilities caught the attention of a local private school, where she developed her powers as well as her passion for astral space, spirits, and parapsychology. Graduating fifth in her class, she avoided absorbtion into a megacorporation (Wuxing and Aztechnology both made bids for her) and formed a private consulting firm with one of her former professors, Alex Rentroth, just retired.

Their firm, AstralDyne Consulting, specialized in spirit entities, specifically their psychology and how to deal with them. Wuxing, Ares' Knight Errant, Aztechnology, and Evo would all benefit from her expertese in negotiation, counseling, and general inter-spiritual know-how as she assened the general state of astral grounds, provided parapsychological knowhow about bug spirits and their shamans, brought rampaging elementals under control, and brokered deals with free spirits (respectively). Her bank account and prestiege were growing, and her success seemed a foregone conclusion.

She and her partner disappeared the summer of 2061, and her personal assets and SIN were bought out by Aztechnology. Waking up with no memory whatsoever, Gizelle found herself wounded and washed up on a Seattle shoreline, her partner dead next to her. Found by members of the shadow community, she contracted their help into investigating her own past. Discovering her name and SIN, and learning she was now wholy owned by Aztechnology, she chose to remain in the shadows until she could understand the nature of her dissappearance. Investigation would reveal she and her partner learned too much about an Aztechnology Blood Spirit program, and were silenced. It was pure luck that kept her alive.

Staging a daring raid into the Aztechnology pyramid in Seattle, she and a group of prime runners managed to extract all of her data and delete all files they had concerning her. Her wealth returned and a life to rediscover, she came to the akward realization that one of the runners she had begun having feelings for, Red, was actually her great, great grand uncle. These events immediately preceeded the Cobalt Street Apartments Massacre, where she was staying at the time. After departing from there, she returned to Chicago, where she is currently establishing a new identity for herself and reestablishing her business to a more select (read: private) clientelle.

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