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Subject: Braithwait, Samatha "Jade". Female, Elf, Age 26 (Deceased as of 2062).

Background: Samantha was born as the sole scion of Jermain and Edgar Braithwait of Tir Tairngire. Awakened, she attended Sigluthiel Tutorship University's College of Thaumaturgical Studies. Her early records indicate she was something of a trouble child, picking fights and engaging in beligerent behavior. However, she was a highly gifted sorceress, focusing her abilities in the sphere of ice. Creating her own ice-themed variations on several spells (Ice Bolt or "Snowball" and Ice Storm are now taught at the college), she became a master of environmental manipulations, and might have proceeded towards a productive corporate career or teaching at the university had she not be so antagonistic with her professors... or as romantic.

In her third year, she was placed in class with Professor Michael Donegal. Though he had degrees in mental Manipulation colleges, his real talent was with problem students. His natural charm was potent enough as to demand only the occasional augmentation from his hermetic abilities. Her assignment to the class was meant to tame her, hopefully bringing her under control after encountering an unflappable peer.

What the university did not count on was that she might develop amorous feelings towards him. Bringing out a softer side, her classmates were shocked to find that she was now rather charming. This charm was most alluring to the young professor, and the two of them began a relationship. For the rest of the year the two of them saw each other in secret. They were caught after class one day, and reported to the dean. Professor Donegal claimed she had used spellwork to Influence him into the relationship. She was unable to disprove this, as he had covered his tracks quite thoroughly. She was expelled and forced to return home in shame, her certification to practice magic revoked. Unable to face her parrents, she fled to nearby Seattle.

She almost immediately fell into trouble. Muggers accosted her right outside of the coffin motel she rented, and her antagonistic attitude, so long burried beneath self-hate and guilt, boiled forth as deadly thaumaturgical rage. She froze one of the muggers to the ground and boiled another's blood with freezing blasts. Finding herself in an alleyway with two corpses and her mystical spore smeared all over the scene, she quickly looted the bodies, summoned an ice elemental to clean the scene, and disposed of them in a dumpster.

As she sat in her coffin motel, numb with shock, she realized she was now a fugitive. She was practicing illegal magic, had murdered two men, was an illegal alien, and was now in possession of a pair of guns and some credsticks with other people's IDs. Realizing she was not all that bothered by killing someone under such circumstances, she figured there HAD to be a market for her skills, albeit under illegal pretenses. Checking up on the phone numbers in her victims' credsticks, she was able to find her way into the shadows of Seattle. Less than a month later she was engaging in shadowruns, adopting the pet name the professor had given to her for her eye color: Jade.

A few jobs in she found more permanent lodging at the Cobalt Street Apartments with a reliable runner group. Runs took her all over North America, though she refused any which might take her back to Tir Tairngire or any other official elven lands. She was too afraid of being caught by Tir authorities.

She met a fairly ignoble end at the hands of one of the newer runners to the group, a ghoul by the name of Red Raven (Not to be mistaken with the vampire mage Red, or the street sam Raven, both of which were frustrated at this choice of handle). He assaulted her in her room, using full auto blasts from a pair of smartlinked Uzi IIIs with explosive rounds. Worse, she was in the middle of a ritual to bind more elementals, and was suffering from the effects of drain. She was just able to cast a final, spiteful assault against him as she lay dying, washing his body in acidic ice crystals. The two of them died within moments of each other.

Strangely enough, Jade's story does not end there. Her use of powerful spell work during the ritual, as well as her death within a binding circle, forced her spirit to remain in this plane. Unable to contact her runnermates for some time and trapped on the site, she was forced to watch as the Cobalt Street Apartments were decimated, many of her friends slaughtered. Almost becomming tainted by the carnage, she was able to escape as her link to the place was severed. A little more time and experience saw her able to contact her old friends, and rumors place her in contact with the chop-shop owner Raven in New Orleans.

Her current status, according to a corresponding magician specializing in spirits (Thanks go to Gizelle), place her as a free spirit of man, retaining her abilities and memories from her living life. Current known goals include building her acrane powers and procuring a body, possibly via cloning. It is possible this is why she remains in contact with Raven. Unsubstantiated rumors claim she is still persuing a career as a shadowrunner, though no reports have come forth to confirm this.

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