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Subject: Bridgette "Joy" Cliffport. Female, Elf Banshee, Age 32.

Background: Bridgette Cliffport was born in Dublin, Tir Na Nog, to parrents Harper and Lyssa, prominent members of the insular "Wheel" society of mages. Not, herself, Awakened, Bridgette suffered from a great deal of ostrasism as her parrents could not shake an innate sense of dissappointment. Seeking to gain some measure of entrance to their world, she studied initially to become a parazoologist, perhaps understranding the Awakened world on a scientific level if she could not partake of it a mage, herself.

Spotted by Telestrian Industries, her instructors began putting her through the paces of a physical regimen to determine her viability as a soldier. She blew their expectations away, and was recruited straight out of high school for training as a capture/contain unit member specializing in Awakened critters.

She served with distinction for two years, deriving a sense of satisfaction from finding non-magical means of containing Awakened threats. She was finding her own way to adapt to the world outside of the limited view her parrents had held. Telestrian records indicate she was a rising star in her department, and might have continued, until she bit off more than she could chew.

When she was 20 (2050) her team was tapped to capture a Banshee on a killing spree outside Dublin. Expecting to face an insane, no-longer sapient individual with emotional control abilities, she was shocked as, over the course of a week, her team was systematically hunted down and killed in their quarters, about town, and any other time when they were alone. The last to be found, she was cornered by a seductive, if gaunt, elven woman. The banshee smiled and closed in, whispering of Bridgette's new life, and the "joy" she would derive from her new state. This was enough to send her into a scream that enabled the Banshee to feed from her to the point of death.

Bridgette was in a secured location for the 36 hours it took for HMHVV to saturate her body. It is speculated that, because she was not affected by the scream ability most banshees employ, Bridgette may have been able to maintain her sanity. Having taken longer than the usual day, it seemed the banshee had left her alone. Gazing into a mirror at her now-blue eyes and haunted palor, she grabbed as many weapons as she could and began hunting her killer. It took her two hours to find and exterminate her tormentor, who was stalking aoutside a children's orphanage looking for a new meal.

Unable to go back to her company (She was now classifiable as a target, and was well aware of the R&D methods used on those captured), and probably considered dead, she decided to gather what equipment she could and dissappeared into the shadows. A fake SIN and a sub-orbital flight later, and she was in Seattle.

Taking the name "Joy" with an ironic hope in her heart, she signed on with a few runner groups as a weapons specialist, doing her level best to keep her condition a secret. This continued until she joined a group which included three vampires, a ghoul, and a sentient loup-garou. She would have run with them longer, but was seperated from them during a run in Lousiana in the CAS. Captured by CATCo Seraphim agents, she was brought to their Quebec offices for testing. They, however, made the same mistake she had made, and she was able to escape, taking with her a few cyberdecks and some valuble paydata. Knowing she would be hunted in her hometowns, she reluctantly said goodbye to Seattle and made for Germany. Fencing the decks and data, she made a new serries of fake IDs and contacted her old runners friends from Seattle. Deciding to stay in the run-rich environs of Germany, she has been making a career for herself since.

Her reputation currently has her placed as "Reliable, discreet, and coldly efficent. Potential employers are cautioned to avoid using her for tailchasers or pulling double-crosses: She has an uncanny ability to survive and always succeeds at extracting revenge." - S-K Denaible Assets Personelle Folio, courtesy of **DELETED**

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