Korean AR-Cade Championship Finalist Slain By Opponent

05/19/2070 08:00

Megeplex News [Sony Media]

SEOUL-INCHEON, Korea: The Korean AR-Cade championship finals ended in tragedy with the death of two-time champion, 17-year-old Lee Choi Phong. Phong and fellow finalist Danny Ng delivered a fierce, no-holds-barred fully-virtual match to an audience of rabid fans on the Seoul Arena Grid. Phong dominated the match until the final round, when late in the game Ng made a sudden comeback. Ng's frenzied attacks inexplicably overrode his opponent's feedback safeguards, causing a minor stroke. Referees, who are unable to explain how Ng loaded illegal attack software into the closed system, attempted to intervene, but found their access blocked. Lee Choi Phong was declared dead by medics on the scene; Danny Ng was arrested and charged with murder.

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