01/21/2070 22:40

Real Name: Lawrence Two-Feathers

Date of Birth: September 12, 2042

Birthplace: Vancouver, Salish-Shidhe

Nationality: Salish Native American

Metatype: Human

Gender: Male

Current Residence: Tacoma, Seattle

Height: 1.9m

Weight: 68 kg

Hair: Black, often dyes it

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Physical Features: Pale for a Native, ritual scarification all over right arm in Salish

Psychology: Claims to be an Awakened Wolf Shaman using Masking to hide his aura. Has yet to display conclusive proof of this.  Displays bravado.     Holds grudges.

Traits: Specializes in Awakened opposition. Utilizes intimidation. Hires gangers to run smoke.

Motivations: Money, reputation.

Lifestyle: Low


    Unknown until his arrival in Seattle in 2062. Fragments of his datatrail indicate his past was effectively wiped from the Salish Matrix. His exploits since then have included running with the First Nations gang, peddling homegrown peyote, and a number of runs for the Yakuza. He has been known to start his own heists, and prefers bounty hunting and rivalries with Awakened runners.

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