Mr. Monday

01/12/2070 23:52

Little is known about the assassin called Mr Monday. He is either highly augmented or possesses powerful Awakened abilities, as Monday has proven impossible to kill. At different times he has taken on different guises, from a skinny human tweaker with a sniper rifle to an attractive redheaded elf woman with a sword (Miss Monday?) He has been seen mortally wounded, but the body is either not recovered, or dissappears from it's storage. Some have taken this to mean Monday is a free spirit with excellent Masking abilities. The only way to be sure you have been attacked by Monday is his trademark look: a shortsleeve white collared shirt, tight black pants, combat boots, and a thin black tie with a pin on it depicting a yellow smiley face with an even line for a mouth (Not a smile).

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Mr. Monday is contracted through his exclusive fixer, Ophelia, a woman with a penchant for purple hair dyes and Gothic Lolita fashions straight from Hirajuku. Monday's success rate is frighteningly high, and Ophelia often demands payment twice what most other operatives would demand. Mr Monday is as much about killing the target as being blatant about it being an assassination, and is sometimes hired simply to scare the target as news of his approach terrifies the target.

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