NeoNET Expands Wifi R&D

03/23/2070 14:32

Associated Press

CAERLEON, Scotland: NeoNET's director of R&D, the great dragon Celedyr, announced plans to expand NeoNET's "wireless communication technologies sector" as a strategic goal towards securing the corporation's pole position in the burgeoning field of wifi consumer technology.

    "NeoNET has spearheaded this technology since we ushered in the wireless Matrix, and our goal is to continue to innovate and change the way people think of the Matrix. The possibilities are endless and NeoNET will continue to make them available to our highly valued customers everywhere," announced Celedyr's spokesperson, Zoh Rothberg, following last week's board meeting in Boston.

    Market analysts suspect NeoNET to have reached another-yet unannounced-breakthrough in wifi technology, placing the corporation even further ahead of its megacorporate competitors Renraku and Mitsuhama.

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