04/27/2062 10:24

Subject: Veronica Erika aka Peach. Female Human Vampire, age 24, Awakened (Manifestations in mind control spell work, Hermetic)

Background: Official background has been lost since the Crash of '64. Sources are drawn from first-hand accounts. Earliest results for Peach's background show her as being born in the CAS to middle-income parrents, where she picked up her moniker working on the family peach orchard. Local reports place her as being manipulative to a fault even as a child, and her manifestations of Awakened powers reflected this. It is suspected she is responsible for the death of her parrents and the subsequent burning of their home. She collected the life insurance and hopped a sub-orbital to Seattle to seek better training in her abilities and live in comfort far away from those she knew.

It is unknown when she became infected with HMHVV, but as early as 2062 she was obviously a vampire, feeding on those who crossed her path with what one witness called "cold, inhuman detatchment." This quality, as well as her newfound abilities and obvious avarice, lead her to persue a life in the shadows. It was short lived, however. Her manipulative abilities may have gotten her off the farm, but were insufficent for corporate security guards. While she was not killed, she was knocked unconscious and pulled to safety by her team. When that team found out that she had killed one of their members only days before, however, draining his soul to the last and decapitating the body, they decided to act. She was not seen again, though strangely enough, someone greatly resembling that same runner victim appeared back on the scene only months later. Rumors abound, but it would seem that Raven, the same runner victim, was not so wounded as it was reported, though some have noticed his newfound lack of cyberware. Regardless, Peach was and is not missed.

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