04/26/2070 19:11


Real Name: Opal Borges

Date of Birth: January 2, 2049

Birthplace: San Francisco, CFS

Nationality: Caucasian/Japanese American

Metatype: SURGE Human

Gender: Female

Current Residence: Operates via Matrix. Physical

    location a closely guarded secret

Height: ??

Weight: ??

Hair: Black

Eyes: ??

Distinguishing Physical Features: ??

Psychology: Highly social, suggesting a lack of physical contact. Comitted to

    assisting teammates to the best of her ability. Fiercely loyal.

Traits: Matrix specialist, infiltration and subversion. Utilizes Agent Mobs.

Motivations: Friendship, Reputation, Money.

Lifestyle: Unknown. Given her constant Matrix presence, it is suspected she

    maintains a virtual lifestyle.



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