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Real Name: George Lipski

Date of Birth: April 1, 2042

Birthplace: San Francisco, CFS

Nationality: Black American

Metatype: Hobgoblin Ork

Gender: Male

Current Residence: Seattle

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 80 kg

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Physical Features: Orthoskin, multiple cybernetic

    melee weapons

Psychology: Focused, professional, immoral

Traits: Augmented bounty hunter/hitman

Motivations: Wealth

Lifestyle: Middle, mobile


    Born to gangers before the last big quake hit LA, Ripsaw grew up amidst violence. A healthy diet of trid and an envy of the fine suits the glitteratti wore only a block over from his tenement led him to start hunting: from devil rats to rival gangers, learning to stalk his prey, picking up every trick he could from research and his fellow gangers. His talent grew, and his first few jobs were successes. Over time he has grown in ability and resources, renouncing his gang origins to work alone. He buys what information he gathers, and works constantly to add new targets to his already-impressive resume.


*Death: Ripsaw dissappeared a week ago while undertaking a run for another shadowrunner. He was supposed to kill the runner Crimson. Gunshots were heard behind Dante's Inferno, one of Crimson's usual hangouts, and Ripsaw has not been seen since. Crimson refuses to comment on the matter, instead offering credit to lead him to the one who put up the contract on him. No sign of Ripsaw's body has been found, and his apartment was looted and sterilized when searched.

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