Saturday Jones

02/21/2070 03:23

Saturday Jones

Real Name: Amanda Blane-Jones
Date of Birth: Feb 15, 2048
Birthplace: New York, UCAS
Nationality: Caucasian
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Current Residence: Operating Seattle, operations in surrounding
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 60 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Distinguishing Physical Features: Beauty mark on left cheek
Psychology: Cynical, generous, canny, forgiving, humerous
Traits: Excels in resupply, transport, smuggling, and
    "dissappearing acts"
Motivations: Wealth, friends, reputation
Lifestyle: Medium, with indulgences
    Amanda Blane grew up in Manhattan, to a blue-collar factory worker family. From an early age she found she had a talent for finding what people needed, from the schoolyard kids who traded for better candy and sims to helping her little siblings hide from her drunken father. More than once she would take a beating on their behalf, always finding a way to explain the bruises to other kids as evidence she was a tough kid. She used this reputation to keep bullies off her back, building up a group of friends she would retain for the rest of her life.
    While her childhood would seem to be of small consequence, it layed the groundwork for the career she would make for herself. Many of her friends never forgot her kindness, and would grow to become valuble contacts later in life, from city councilmen and civic engineers to teachers and doctors to shadowrunners.One of her friends, Billy Jones, would one day marry her. When he was caught in the Arcology shutdown, Amanda worked her contacts to find people who could break in to find him. Without training or any combat abilities, Amanda could only turn to the shadows to find runners willing to find ways into the Arcology. To finance the runs, she turned to the black market. The runners she helped into the Arc who made it out often brought refugees who needed to vanish into the shadows or face continued abuse from Renraku examination. She helped them resettle with new identities, or stashed them away until they could heal. Her contacts in city hall made false SINs a snap, andher talent for making friends helped her reputation in the shadows grow.
    Soon she was called "Saturday", for her weekly runs she contracted involving the Arcology. She was of great assistance to Overwatch, the Resistance, and the Ork Underground where many escapes took place.The runs finally turned up the corpse of her husband, dead from Deus' experimentation with new grafts. Saturday kept her husband's name, and made the downfall of the AI her purpose in life. When the Arcology was freed, she stayed in business with Overwatch, working to free members of the Network, and finally helping to move teams to hotzones during Crash 2.0.
    Today she tries to find the bright side of life, always making friends and expanding her network of contacts. There's very little she can't lay hands on or find out about, and she's usually willing to do an honest soul a good turn out of the kindness of her heart. Without counting favors, an impressive number of people would come to her aid without being asked, and they would be happy to do it. Saturday Jones is an expert in ACHE lore, distrusts AIs, and is always willing to offer a hand to someone in trouble. She specializes in "disappearing acts", as she calls them:total packages getting customers out of town with fully fleshed out SINs, backgrounds, permits and lodgings. She sells these to criminals and corpers alike, and always has a snarky remark for every customer.

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