Shootout Ends In No-Win

06/19/2070 01:56

FastFacts [UCAS]

SEATTLE, UCAS: When Neville Edwidch hailed a cab after a night of heavy drinking at the Ork With The Golden Tooth Tavern in Everet, he did not expect to see a shootout of Old West proportions. Thinking he had had a few too many or chipped into a Dead Man's Hand sim, Neville decided it would be best to err on the side of caution and call Lone Star. His hunch paid off, and within minutes he was the sole witness to an old-style draw that left no winners.


"It was insane. Both of them were shouting at each other... I couldn't make out what about, but they drew guns and shot each other!"


Lone Star has released the identites of both parties: Casey Elton, a private investigator with a track record of muckracking and private blackmail, and Garret "Blitzer" Rivers, former Chicago Knight Errant SWAT operative who was fired for gross insubuordination while under the effects of an illegal digital narcotic.


"We will be investigating the matter thoroughly, but frankly, both parties were known for shady deals, and it's quite likely the situation wrapped itself all at once," said officer on the scene Det. Matt Carlysle.

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