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Real Name:

Date of Birth: June 4, 2053

Birthplace: Chicago, UCAS

Nationality: Caucasian

Metatype: Ork

Gender: Male

Current Residence: Puyallup Barrens

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 195 lbs



Distinguishing Physical Features: Hair worn in a mohawk

Psychology: Calm, family and group oriented

Traits: Affiliated with the Crimson Crush, masterful at junking

Motivations: Wealth, loyalty, security, crafting better cars and drones

Lifestyle: Medium


    Born to an orkish father and human mother in the Chicago sprawl, he and his family were hit hard by the Bug Breakout in 2055. His mother had dissappeared in 2054 while his father, a worker at the Chicago docks, was caught in the city when the disaster happened and died in the chaos. It is possible his mother was abducted by Universal Brotherhood cultists or was a victim of racial hate (Sons of Sauron or Humanis Policlub). Her fate remains unknown.

    Amazingly, Slash was an only child (rare in orkish births). He was taken in by neighbors, a troll mechanic and his sister, who gave him shelter and taught him a trade. Being a former member of the Crimson Crushers out of Seattle, the troll made sure the local gangs didn't give the boy any trouble. By the time he was ten he was helping in the garage and using his allowance to buy, borrow or steal the parts for his own car and rudimentary drones. He established several valuble connections during this time, mostly among local gangs, and was eventualy invited to wager his car in underground races. His skill brought him to the attention of a few startup runner crews who needed a wheelman. The money went towards cybernetic augmentations and his drones.

    All of this experience and nuyen was going towards financing his own incursions into the Containment Zone to look for his mother, missing all these years. Ironically, his street contacts would find her elsewhere. His investigations indicated she had been seen in Seattle. He spent the next five years running Seattle with the Crimson Crushers. The trail seemed have gone cold, despite his best efforts, and he made his way back to Chicago when the opportunity arose, to take up the search from the beginning. He hooked up with a group of Crushers who were looking to make a name for themselves in Chicago. Their leader made a few fatal mistakes, however, and Slash had to call in his markers to get smuggled back to Seattle.

    Hire Notes: Slash is an excellent driver and combat rigger. He miraculously managed to pull himself out of debt to the mob, and has possession of one of the best cars in the Seattle Sprawl. He still tinkers with drones, and is running the shadows as a driver and support specialist. His connections into gang intrigues and organized crime give him a solid network of contacts, and his familiarity with the criminal underworld makes him a valuble addition to any crew. He is often willing to accept gear for his cars or drones, or information regarding his mother as payment.

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