Student Expelled For Matrix Pranks

03/13/2070 11:42

The Times-Picayune

BATON ROUGE, CAS: Serial prankster twelve-year-old Lou Henry MOrgan was expelled from Broadmoor Middle Schoolearlier this week following repeated interferrence with the school's AR devices and equipment. The teachers colloquium announced their decision after a closed-door meeting, citing repeated warnings and multiple suspensions.

    The boy's parents, Harvey and Ina Mae Morgan, have officially protested the decision, claiming that no evidence has been produced that conclusively identifies their son as the culprit for the acts of computer valdalism. Indeed, the school's investigation so far has provided no clear evidence that Lou Henry Morgan actively accessed the school's systems or even that his apprehended personal commlink is capable of any such intrusion. The decision was based entirely on the student's reports and statements.

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