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Real Name: Andrei Borolev

Date of Birth: October 2, 2053

Birthplace: Hamburg, AGS

Nationality: Caucasian Euro

Metatype: Troll

Gender: Male

Current Residence: Operating out of Hamburg

Height: 2.8m

Weight: 224.4 kg

Hair: Cyber (variable)

Eyes: Cyber (variable)

Distinguishing Physical Features: Smooth dermal alterations,

    dark red color, faux-demon look

Psychology: Traumatization from persecution as a Troll led

    to a desire to embrace demonic imagery

Traits: Hacker/Assassin, Data Miner

Motivations: Wealth, damage of racist organizations,

    additional body mods and augmentation

Lifestyle: Presumed High. Seperates personal life from professional.


    Born to former combat hackers in the Russian military, Andrei learned from an early age how to crack systems and effect escapes. His parrents worked hard to erase their pasts and establish new lives in the Allied German States. Racial tension in his neighborhood made him feel ashamed of his nature as a troll, especially when his human parrents came under attack by local gangers. Though his parrents were more than capable of defending themselves, he still took it personally. His work to make the young rich kids playing at dangerous punks' lives miserable served to cut his teeth and develop a taste for hacking. Falling into the radical subculture of Hamburg, he started altering his appearance to be more demonic, stating, "This is how they make me feel inside. Maybe if I show it outside, I can protect who I am within."

    His upbringing among violent criminals and under combat hackers taught him the morality to become one of the shadows' best up-and-coming Matrix hitmen. When he had eliminated the gang that had tormented him, he was approached by a local fixer. Since then, he has persued a number of successful jobs, and is steadily gaining a reputation for effeciency and lethal variants of Black code.

Hire Notes:

    Often enjoys secondary jobs making people dissappear, and accepts payment in nuyen, IDs, and favors. Is willing to admit when he cannot succeed at a job, and returns down payment when the job is unfinished, preserving his rep and making him preferable to potential Johnsons. Sells custom program packages as a sideline business, specializing in Black IC and demon-themed black trojans and worms for seek and destroy work, affectionately called his "Seek/Kill Suites".

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