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Real Name: Louise Emmerson

Date of Birth: Febuary 14, 2053

Birthplace: Seattle, UCAS

Nationality: Half caucasian, half Salish Indian

Metatype: Human

Gender: Female

Current Residence: Apartments in the Redmond Barrens, Seattle

Height: 1.6m

Weight: 53.5 kg

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown (Cyber)

Distinguishing Physical Features: Tends towards retro-tribal tattoos and paints, alluring garb

Psychology: Survivor mentality. Has seen most people she associates with

    fall into poverty or die, and is determined not to follow.

Traits: Razorgirl, prefers steath combat and surprise attacks.

Motivations: Wealth, security, stability for herself and her family.

Lifestyle: Low, with her father, who doesn't know how she pays the rent. The rest is saved for her retirement.


    A half-blood Salish Indian, Emmerson moved to Seattle with her father when she was only four. Her father had come in persuit of hot only employment, but security for his daughter. By raising her in Seattle, he hoped he could take advantage of it's educational system to rise above her poverty-tainted roots. Her father's dreams were shattered by an uncompensated injury on the job. The two eventually ended up in a run-down tenement in the Redmond Barrens.

    By fifteen, Louise was running with the Halloweeners and beginning to make a name for herself. When the Ancients tore the gang apart, she was one of the few survivors. Prefering to remain free of the gang and capatalizing on her street rep, she has been able to start making a living as a freelancer.

Hire Notes:

    Louise has extensive knowledge of Seattle's shadows, from gangs to vice and everything street level in between. She appreciates her freedom and is unlikely to accept a permanent assignment after the way her father was betrayed. Though she lacks a formal education, she is quite intelligent. Given her motivation to run, she is likely to accept many forms of payment, from money to cyber to gear, all the way to consumer goods and services for her father. She has a lot of friends in the streets, and when someone crosses her, words is likely to get out. She is a combat specialist, with an emphasis on ambush and surprise tactics, and is willing to call in favors from local street gangs for backup and smoke.

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