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Background: Tango doesn't talk much about his past, and has taken measures to ensure any details that could lead back to his family (if he has any) have been erased. What is known is that he had an older brother who ran the shadows who died due to faulty cyberware. When he took to the shadows, himself, he swore never to use artificial augmentations. Some have taken to calling him "Clean Steve" as a result.


Tango's skillset focuses on assassinations, but he makes a more than competent bodyguard and troubleshooter. Exceptional and relentless training have made him one of the most skilled martial artists running the shadows, lethal at close range with black belts in Muy Thai, Karate, Tai Chi, and surprisingly Carromeleg.


Tango is highly professional and has an immaculate reputation. A skilled leader, he is willing to admit his blind spots and knows a large pool of talent to fill out any run he is contracted to accomplish. He demands high fees, and can negotiate to draw them.

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