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Real Name: Steven L. Boothe

Date of Birth: May 20, 2040

Birthplace: Newport, Virginia, UCAS

Nationality: Caucasian

Metatype: Human

Gender: Male

Current Residence: International Operations

Height: 2m

Weight: 70 kg

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Gray

Distinguishing Physical Features: The Aryan dream, without the racism. Always well dressed.

Psychology: Driven, focused, courteous, professionally moral

Traits: UnAwakened, non-augmented, highest level of skill

Motivations: Wealth, personal ability

Lifestyle: Maintains High to Luxury standards.


    Not much is known Tango's past. His reputation was earned across the UCAS as an assassin, refusing to take down targets he felt were innocent. While this reduced the number of available contracts, his track record is nigh immaculate, with an amazing number of otherwise-failed contracts reporting job satisfaction.

    What is known is he is a hyper-talented assassin who has risen to the top of his profession without the aid of magic, cyber, bio, gene or nano enhancement. This has earned him the nickname "Clean Steve", which he is not very fond of. He has dedicated himself to years of unarmed combat training, mastering several styles in the most unlikely places.

    His work has taught him the qualities of a simflick action hero, which matches his looks perfectly. Charming, handsome, quick, strong and deadly, he is the perfect hire. He does not come cheap, and is worth the nuyen at twice the price.

Hire Notes:

    Tango commands the highest fees because he is one of the best. Whatever the run, if he is not capable of doing the job himself, he can hire the talent himself, or is even willing to refer you to someone better suited to the job. A pleasure to employ, work with, or work for, so long as you can meet his price and his ethical standard.

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