Vikram Tong

07/12/2066 20:17

Vikram Tong


Subject: Vikram Tong. Male, Human, Age 48.

Background: Born Awakened to an Indian Gypsy witch of the Old Ways and a Chinese sarariman, Vikram was always a pariah of both his heritages. Abandoned by his mother, he was left to be raised by his father, a weak man who mostly ignored him until he was twelve, when Vikram showed signs of Awakening. His father sought to profit from this by selling him into corporate service, but Vikram managed to kill him and escape, using his magic to take his father's form to eventually find his mother.


Awakened males of the Hedge Magic paradigm are considered both rare and cursed, often to be killed when found. His mother attempted to kill him, but found his inherent sorcery too powerful. He used his powers to subjugate her, using Mind Probe to tear into her mind

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