Villains' Crew

04/29/2070 10:56

Villains is less a runner crew as it is a small, loose organization offering independent services of an unsavory nature.



Andrew Auric "Doc Gold": Leader. A street doc and card sharp. Very shrewd negotiator. If he didn't deliver on his promises, he'd be a dead man by now.

Zal and Rippey: A human and ork ghoul, respectively, who act as muscle and help with Villains' body disposal service.

Papa Ember: A voodoun specializing in animating zombies. Cannot return to Haiti for reasons unknown.



Medical: Gold is a competent surgeon, and offers both treatment and the space to sleep it off. Not luxurious, but clean and safe. He will also keep his ghouls at bay... so long as you pay on time.

Second-hand Cyber: Of course, some people DON'T pay on time, and something's got to be done with the undigestible bits...

Zombie Services: While Villains' does not offer traditional muscle, Papa Ember does offer the long-term services of zombies. Price depends on the power of the animating loa, the quality of the body, and the number of services to be transferred to the buyer. Lease or purchase.

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