04/28/2062 16:46

Subject: Zany. Female, Human Ghoul, Age 16, extensive bio and cyber-modifications.

Background: Born to wealthy parrents under the name Samantha Holiwell, Zany learned at a young age to rebel from her corporate babysitters. One day she decided to take her rebelion to the next logical step and escaped the Renraku Arcology's Corporate Children's Supervision Program. At the age of ten, she opted to join a gang in the Redmond Barrens. It can only be presumed she endured rather hideous treatment at the hands of her gang friends.

Research becomes difficult at this point. Her face was caught on camera at several robberies (Stuffer Shacks and the like), the last of which showed her being bitten by what appeared to be a cybernetically enhanced ghoul ork, and then dragged off. The ork, identified as "Thrall", a known decker in the shadow community.

She then dissappears from the public scene for two years. The first evidence of her presence was at the remains of the Cobalt Street Apartments Massacre of 2062, where bloodstains were found, along with brainmatter. Forensics indicate she was shot, execution style, along with five other individuals, and death was instantaneous. More alarmingly, her blood samples show she was indeed infected with the Kreiger strain of HMHVV.

Her body was found two days later. It seems a taxi cab was driven off of a local pier, with her body in the backseat. No sign of the driver was ever found. Autopsy not only identified the body, but showed she had undergone extensive bio-reconstructive surgery to make her appear to be a movie star from the late 20'th century. Cybernetic mods seemed to have been primarily cosmetic in nature, but included behavior-modification ware, as well as personafix chips. It can be safely assumed she underwent bunraku surgery after being taken by a slave ring, and was sold to someone residing at the Colbalt Street Apartments. Records were wiped clean before the landlord was killed, but at least one room was heavily modified with security hardware and contained the half-eaten remains of several known members of the Humanis Policlub.

Her body was interred at the Renraku Corporate Cemetary Seattle 128. One week after it's interrment, the graveyard was raided, and the body was exhumed and stolen. Renraku security forces are still seeking the culprit.

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