06/29/2070 14:33


Jenner Real Name: Valentine Stark Date of Birth: Feb 14, 2035 Birthplace: Berlin, GA Nationality: Caucasian(?) Euro Metatype: Night Elf Metavariant Gender: Male Current Residence: Operating Seattle, with various safehouses globally Height: 1.9m Weight: 68.5 kg Hair: Black Eyes:...
06/27/2070 02:16

Rat Vanian

Rat Vanian trades in exotic tech and black market gear. If you're looking for something you cant find anywhere else, there's a fair chance he;s got two lying somewhere in his shops. Amazingly, he operates out of a storefront in Redmond Barrens without the Star shutting his down. Like any fixer...
02/21/2070 03:23

Saturday Jones

Saturday Jones Real Name: Amanda Blane-Jones Date of Birth: Feb 15, 2048 Birthplace: New York, UCAS Nationality: Caucasian Metatype: Human Gender: Female Current Residence: Operating Seattle, operations in surrounding     territories Height: 1.7m Weight: 60 kg Hair: Brown Eyes:...
02/09/2070 16:35


Axiom is the alias of an identity forger or team of them. Arranging Matrix-only meetings, Axiom seems to have access to government databases and registries, resulting in some of the most thorough fake SINs in the UCAS. Axiom seems to focus primarily on Seattle-based criminals, and is capable of...