Teams and Organizations

06/29/2070 12:24


Clover is an elven team of former Tir na Nog operatives who took to the shadows. Each was a survivor of seperate suicide ops for the govenment, and when they were put together for another run, they abandoned the job when it turned into another one. Their trademark is luck, and they tend to leave a...
06/12/2070 10:23

Four Wings

Four Wings is a merc outfit out of the Desert Wars now operating in urban environments.   Members     Services  
04/29/2070 10:56

Villains' Crew

Villains is less a runner crew as it is a small, loose organization offering independent services of an unsavory nature.   Members Andrew Auric "Doc Gold": Leader. A street doc and card sharp. Very shrewd negotiator. If he didn't deliver on his promises, he'd be a dead man by now. Zal and...
04/29/2070 10:53

The Octagon

A smuggling crew that works the route from New Orleans to Seattle, via Cascade Ork. Good reputation for quality, and will always make up the difference of lost cargo.   Members Heeley: Breetva: Old Man: Night-Strike: Red-Snake:   Services Transport: The Octagon is experienced and...
01/30/2070 02:07

The Bash Bros.

A pair of Trolls who came up from the Trogs street gang, they hit it big when they were brought into the shadow community as heavy muscle. A combination of strength and subversive technological know-how enabled them to profit from any run. They knew they weren't cut out for leadership positions,...