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06/17/2070 23:44

Break-in, Murder At Horizon Enclave

KSAF [UCAS] SEATTLE, UCAS: Insider sources report that at 23:15 this evening, Travis Mathis, an advertising executive with Cerulean Visions Inc, a Horizon subsidiary, was found dead in his Horizon Enclave home. According to the source, Mathis had been obviously murdered, with his throat slashed in...
06/17/2070 15:28

Gang War Escalates: Fireworks in Redmond

KSAF [UCAS] SEATTLE, UCAS: The steadily mounting violence between gangs in Seattle has Lone Star and Knight Errant on high alert tonight as the violence reached new heights. Even in forsaken Redmond the police could not turn a blind eye to the literally explosive violence at an abandoned parking...
06/12/2070 10:23

Four Wings

Four Wings is a merc outfit out of the Desert Wars now operating in urban environments.   Members     Services  
06/09/2070 13:43

Subway Accident Technomancer Connection?

Nightime [DeMoKo] MOSCOW, Russia: According to MVD sources, Moscow's Monday monorail accident that left passengers injured might have been the work of mysterious "technomancers" - metahumans who are rumored to be able to access and control the Matrix and connected devices with nothing but their...
06/07/2070 14:44


Budro Real Name: Alejandro Marquez Date of Birth: January 12, 2048 Birthplace: San Francisco, CFS (Aztechnology-owned enclave) Nationality: Aztec-Japanese Metatype: Elf Gender: Male Current Residence: Seattle Height: 1.9m Weight: 78 kg Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel Distinguishing Physical Features: Mole...
06/04/2070 04:35

Arcology Vigil Ends In Chaos

Prime News [Horizon Group] SEATTLE, UCAS: A peaceful demonstration promoted by the Arcology Remembrance Committee (ARC) outside the ACHE in downtown Seattle last night ended in chaos and confusion. The ARC has been campaigning for compensation to the families of those vanished during the infamous...
05/30/2070 13:52

The Blacklist

To make the Blacklist, you don't just have to fuck up: you have to fuck other people up. People who depend on you. People who trust you. Employers, fellow runners, fixers... if you end up here, you've bit the hand that feeds, along with all the other hands, too. This is where you end up when your...
05/30/2070 11:27

Europol Cracks Container Scam

Punto Caliente [Sol Media 1] EUROPORT, UNL: Following weeks of in-depth investigations, Europol today announced the arrest of a criminal group suspected of diverting at least forty-five missing ocean freight containers in the transit through the Dutch megaport. Europol expects to make further...
05/20/2070 09:12

Security Guard Blinded By Criminals

NRE News [Horizon Group] SYDNEY, Austraila: Rushing to aid a citizen under assault by a duo of criminals in the North Park Mall parking lot, security guard Isaac Mews was stopped dead in his tracks when his fision suddenly faded. "I just went blind," Mews said after recovery in the hospital. "My...
05/19/2070 08:00

Korean AR-Cade Championship Finalist Slain By Opponent

Megeplex News [Sony Media] SEOUL-INCHEON, Korea: The Korean AR-Cade championship finals ended in tragedy with the death of two-time champion, 17-year-old Lee Choi Phong. Phong and fellow finalist Danny Ng delivered a fierce, no-holds-barred fully-virtual match to an audience of rabid fans on the...

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