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08/21/2070 12:23


Got juicy gossip? A bone to pick? An intellectual itch to scratch? Hit the Forums and have it out. This is where anything that isn't strictly biz gets put. WARNING: We don't edit or filter this shit. What you see is what they post. You got a problem with them, take it up with them, not us.
08/21/2070 12:13


We've been doing our best to streamline the site, adding sub-pages and better navigation. The Posting Board now has a dedicated Job Bank online for those of you who want to post runs direct. The primary posting board is now for sales, intel, and the like. If you've got a job posting, take it to the...
07/30/2070 23:59


Ripsaw Real Name: George Lipski Date of Birth: April 1, 2042 Birthplace: San Francisco, CFS Nationality: Black American Metatype: Hobgoblin Ork Gender: Male Current Residence: Seattle Height: 1.7m Weight: 80 kg Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Distinguishing Physical Features: Orthoskin, multiple...
07/08/2070 13:48


E.B. Real Name: Angelique Caligosto Date of Birth: June 6, 2008 (Appears 14) Birthplace: Boston, UCAS Nationality: Caucasian Metatype: Human Gender: Female Current Residence: Seattle Height: 1.5m Weight: 110 lbs Hair: Unknown (Changes hair frequently) Eyes: Unknown (Uses cosmetics. Changes to red...
07/07/2070 20:21


Chekov Real Name: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Birthplace: Unknown Nationality: Caucasian Metatype: Ork (Ghoul) Gender: Male Current Residence: Unknown, seen in Seattle Height: 2.2m Weight: 98.5 kg Hair: None Eyes: White cataracts, cyber mods. Distinguishing Physical Features: Enhanced tusks,...
06/29/2070 14:33


Jenner Real Name: Valentine Stark Date of Birth: Feb 14, 2035 Birthplace: Berlin, GA Nationality: Caucasian(?) Euro Metatype: Night Elf Metavariant Gender: Male Current Residence: Operating Seattle, with various safehouses globally Height: 1.9m Weight: 68.5 kg Hair: Black Eyes:...
06/29/2070 12:24


Clover is an elven team of former Tir na Nog operatives who took to the shadows. Each was a survivor of seperate suicide ops for the govenment, and when they were put together for another run, they abandoned the job when it turned into another one. Their trademark is luck, and they tend to leave a...
06/27/2070 02:27


See Prime Runners   Background: Tango doesn't talk much about his past, and has taken measures to ensure any details that could lead back to his family (if he has any) have been erased. What is known is that he had an older brother who ran the shadows who died due to faulty cyberware. When he...
06/27/2070 02:16

Rat Vanian

Rat Vanian trades in exotic tech and black market gear. If you're looking for something you cant find anywhere else, there's a fair chance he;s got two lying somewhere in his shops. Amazingly, he operates out of a storefront in Redmond Barrens without the Star shutting his down. Like any fixer...
06/19/2070 01:56

Shootout Ends In No-Win

FastFacts [UCAS] SEATTLE, UCAS: When Neville Edwidch hailed a cab after a night of heavy drinking at the Ork With The Golden Tooth Tavern in Everet, he did not expect to see a shootout of Old West proportions. Thinking he had had a few too many or chipped into a Dead Man's Hand sim, Neville decided...

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